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Ereplicachanel.com, a former online replica retailer of replica Chanel handbags, wallets, and watches, is no longer available to promote the sales of replicas. The replica merchandise were fakes that were goods being offered for sale online illegally. CHANEL did not authorize or support any of the replica products and services offered on ereplicachanel.com.


The replica Chanel J12 Classic Chronograph Watch, item number CHA008-L was offered for sale at the price of $199.00. The replica Chanel J12 Black Watch, item CHA2021 was priced for the amount of $229.00.

chanel_j12_watch_gmt not a replica

Ereplicachanel.com devoted pages to promoting the purchase of their "99% real time perfect imitation" brand of replicas.

Replica Chanel watches are most often low quality replications. Some fake watches are assembled using rough-edged components, discolored plastic, slipping clasps, and inconsistent time keeping mechanisms. Customers would have a very poor possibility in confirming what materials were actually used in the manufacturing of the fake watch.

A fake Chanel watch of low quality cannot be a substitute for an exquisitely detailed genuine Chanel timepiece.

For details on genuine CHANEL, visit a CHANEL boutique and CHANEL.com.