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Ereplicachanel.com, a former online replica retailer of replica Chanel handbags, wallets, and watches, is no longer available to promote the sales of replicas. The replica merchandise were fakes that were goods being offered for sale online illegally. CHANEL did not authorize or support any of the replica products and services offered on ereplicachanel.com.


Replica Chanel handbags, wallets and watches were touted by the former Ereplicachanel.com as being the cheapest and having high quality, with the handbags made to look just like the original. The online replica shop also claimed that their imitation bags were identical to real CHANEL, which would bring admiring compliments.

CHANEL Coco Chanel Shoulder Bag Not A Replica

One of such items for sale was the Chanel Handbag 35950 Black Logo Ultra Soft Studded Pearl with a price of $249.00. Another was the Coco Chanel Shoulder Bag Black (34502 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Made of black patent leather - saffron ultrasuede lining with inside) for $273.00.

When buying bag from a replica Chanel online store there are many disadvantages. Putting trust in unfamiliar or unknown shopping website may not be a good idea, as many replica online shops have been known to not ship the order upon receipt of payment, or ship defective or damaged products, or worse close before the item is shipped. Getting a refund may be impossible from a foreign fly-by-night operation managed by a network of criminal organizations. Most online knockoff stores disappear in an instant and move on to attempt to re-establish somewhere else.

Another disadvantage is often the bad quality, including loose or skipped stitches, misaligned seams, or fall off apart within just a few uses of a fake bag.

The truth is that replica bags are worlds away from the original. It is unlikely that a replica Chanel bag can be passed off as a real one.

For genuine CHANEL, visit a CHANEL boutique and CHANEL.com.