e replica chanel


Ereplicachanel.com, a former online replica retailer of replica Chanel handbags, wallets, and watches, is no longer available to promote the sales of replicas. The replica merchandise were fakes that were goods being offered for sale online illegally. CHANEL did not authorize or support any of the replica products and services offered on ereplicachanel.com.



Ereplicachanel.com, also known as Clone Fashion Co., Ltd., founded in 2003 in China, sold retail and wholesale replica merchandise. Wholesale transactions required a minimum of $500.00 per order with further V.I.P reduced prices when a $1500.00 order amount was reached.

Shipping and Delivery. All customers received free shipping. Most orders were promised to be shipped within 24-48 hours.

Customer Service. Communication with the online replica seller was by email, with hours of operation 7 days/week. Payment methods for the replica products was detailed, via credit card or money transfer, additional discounts for orders more than $400.00, $680.00 or $980.00, and a 10% discount on orders paid through some money transfer companies.


Many online shoppers do not realize that the purchase of bag, watch, or any other replicas has its repercussions. Besides the fact that buying replicas probably means at best getting low quality products, many laws governing counterfeiting are being shunned.

Sellers of unlawful fakes deal in counterfeit goods, failing to respect many laws. When apprehended, they are punishable by imprisonment, fines, civil judgments, or any of the above. Counterfeiters of goods are often linked to other crimes such as fraud, money-laundering, identity theft and even terrorism. In many instances, the profits generated from the fakes are bankrolling many of such illegal activities.

All shoppers will benefit from using cautious consideration when looking for deals on the internet. It is probably a good idea to bypass bargains on fake products presented by unfamiliar or elusive online stores.

For genuine CHANEL, visit a CHANEL boutique and CHANEL.com.